DuoSmart - For Maximized Brand Experience

DuoSamart is the only packaging that doubles the space for printed promotions and branding. The trick lies in the innovative combination of a rigid plastic cup and a removable carton sleeve where the reverse side can also be printed.

DuoSmart combines the appearance of a paper cup wth the functionality of plastic material. The outer paper layer provides rigidity, decorative options and insulation for the product. The sleeve can have apertures (cut outs) in to provide windows to view the content. DuoSmart's inner plastic layer is ideal for achieving all the necvessary barrier properties. 

Reducing the Environmental Impact

DuoSmart's carton sleeve is derived from a renewable resource and can be comfortably removed for easy disposal. In the new DuoSmart Light version, the detachable carton sleeve comes without the bottom part, which reduces the consumption of paperboard.

The plastic inlet is lighter in weight than normal plastic cups, and development is underway to further reduce the plastic content. The plastic options include PP, PS and APET. Also; recyclable rPET OR biopolymers can be used. 



Variety of Application

Due to its heat sealable plastic inlet, DuoSmart can be used for all the same applications as regular plastic packaging include MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), and can be microwaved oven safe. For more demanding shelf-life requirements barrier materials such as EVOH are available. Currently DuoSmart is used for:

  • Dairy Products (yoghurt, dairy, desserts, soft cheese, creme fraiche etc)
  • Spreads and edible fats
  • Ice cream and other frozen desserts
  • Ready meals and soups (dried, chilled and frozen)
  • Chilled salads
  • Snacks and cookies
  • Confectionary and candies
  • Powdered dairy products

Depending on the end-use, DuoSmart can be closed by re-sealing with membrane (aluminium, paper or plastic film) but also with rigid thermoformed or injection molded lids. The rigid lids can be normal snap-on lids or domed to pack some additional ingredients or items with it.

The possibilities of Duo-Smart are limitless!

Download DuoSmart Presentation