Introducing our new LIGHT PROOF™ bottle

Milk should be kept in the dark. You shouldn’t

You wouldn’t leave food in the sun, so why expose milk to the light?

Milk sees the light long before it soaks into our favourite cereal, completes a creamy coffee, or makes a homely meal. From the conveyor belt, to the truck, to the shelf, to your fridge; light gets in along the way. Our LIGHT PROOF™ bottle ensures not a single wave length touches your milk until the second you open it, keeping it fresher for longer.

Our new LIGHT PROOF™ bottle

After two years in the making, we’re excited to take milk storage to the next level in conjunction with Fonterra in New Zealand, who released the first LIGHT PROOF™ bottle in their Anchor range. We’re not just proud of our LIGHT PROOF™ bottle because it’s a world-first, we’re proud because it preserves both the nutritional value and freshness of milk.

Eighty per cent of customers told us they prefer the taste of milk that hasn’t seen the light, while 70 per cent favoured a flat white made with Anchor’s LIGHT PROOF™ milk. Our new packaging helps both the consumer and supplier milk freshness for all it’s worth.

How it works

Even though opaque cartons and bottles already exist, 25 per cent of light still finds its way through the packaging and into the product.

The engineering behind the LIGHT PROOF™ bottle is simple: it starts with an induction foil sealed cap that keeps light out at the bottleneck and finishes with three light-protective layers that make up the body. A black layer is sandwiched between two white layers to guarantee the bottle is 100 per cent shielded from light.

Protecting both freshness and the Environment

Our LIGHT PROOF™ bottle is made from the same plastic as normal milk bottles (high density polyethylene), which means it’s still recyclable. Three layers do not translate to three times the amount of plastic, either. Each layer is created simultaneously, resulting in a single, featherweight structure that’s less than one gram heavier than standard milk bottles.

The LIGHT PROOF™ bottle keeps light out to keep the goodness in!

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